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Clyde B. Wilson, Jr., the President and owner of The Parking Network, Inc., has over 35 years of experience as a creative, “hands-on” manager of public and private parking facilities and applies his practical, “real world” operational approach with TPN’s consulting programs.  After stints in the Air Force and retailer Sears, he began his career in the parking industry in 1979 in the corporate office of Central Parking System. After his employment with Central, Clyde joined commercial operating company, APCOA, as a corporate executive. Since co-founding TPN and becoming a consultant in 1997, he has focused his unique problem-solving skills on operational, audit, and management issues for parking facilities in a multitude of settings.

Clyde’s problem solving skills and strong desire to challenge problems head on lead him to changing the way parking audits are conducted, the creation of Focus Point, creating Performance Monitoring to replace parking audits, and finally the newest creation Flow Thru Technologies.  Focus Point was the pioneer in developing remote management programs.  Developed in 2007 Focus Point lead the way and set the standard for all remote management programs being installed around the country today.  Focus Point was sold to Central Parking in 2010. Additionally, Clyde’s newest problem solving program is Flow Thru Technologies.  Flow Thru is a whole new PARC System designed around two principles, ticketless, and built to be used as a remote command center.

Beginning as a general parking consulting company, TPN has evolved into a parking financial and operations performance monitoring firm, under Clyde’s vision. With the goal of providing unique performance monitoring programs for TPN clients, Clyde developed TPN’s Dashboard Program, Focus Program, Quality Assurance Program, and Team II Program. These industry-changing parking solutions take parking revenue and operational oversight to a new level of sophistication and productivity, assuring clients that their parking revenue is being monitored by experienced parking performance and audit professionals.

In addition to TPN’s Business Services and audit division, Clyde developed the parking tax collection audit and monitoring program for a system of over 400 parking locations in Miami and over 2000 locations in Los Angeles. These programs have generated tens of millions of dollars of new tax revenue for their respective cities.

A native of Tennessee, Clyde now resides in Houston, TX. He has written articles for several parking publications in the US and internationally and has been a speaker on numerous topics for parking related conventions. Clyde is also a member of the Temecula Parking Group (TPG), a parking “think tank” designed to improve the image, resources, and representation of the parking industry. Clyde also leads the Parking Today’s Parking Boot Camp program.    The Boot Camp program is a training program designed to provide training to people new to the industry and insight to changes for people who have been in the industry for a while.  Clyde’s 2014 Boot Camp was heralded as the top program at the 2014 PIE conference. 

Flow Thru Technologies, Inc. was developed by The Parking Network, Inc., (TPN) the creators of Focus Point Parking and the Command Center Management method of managing parking.


At TPN, after the development of Focus Point, we saw the need to reimagine the PARCS.  We started with a clean slate with these three goals in mind:


  • Improve Efficiency

  • Improve Service to the Customer and the Owners

  • Improve Accountability

FLOW has achieved all of these goals and much more.

In Clyde Wilson's presentation over the years about evaluating technological change he has always stated there were three goals in evaluation a new technology or process. If you were sure the technology being presented Improved Efficiency, Service, and Accountability then you had a winner.  Flow excels in all three categories.

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