​​​Flow Exit Station


  • Angled Face
  • Additional Keypad
  • Receipt Printer
  • Optional Color Scheme
  • Intercom (optional)
  • Credit & Debit Card Reader
  • Rain Hood


Information provided is subject to change.

Flow Thru Exit Stations are designed to improve the customer experience by eliminating the need for parking tickets, access devices, or phone apps. No more lost or unreadable tickets.

These cutting-edge stations have a grey thin base leading into a vibrant blue Flow box, angled back, with bright, high-resolution, ruggedized screens for quick customer interaction and unparalleled visual appeal.

FTT’s modern Exit Stations are contoured to improve the customer experience in every way. While eliminating the need for tickets, these Stations place the touchscreen or keypad in peak position for a parker interaction.

The Flow Thru system allows monthly or registered parkers to simply flow in and out the entrance and exit lane - the gates opening upon approach of approved license plates. The gates will also open for visitors that have already utilized a pay on foot station. As a back-stop, the Flow Exit Stations all are equipped with credit/debit card readers.

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