For parkers that would prefer to pay at the exit, they can simply enter the 7-10 digit phone number used at the entry.  The system will calculate their fee and they will be able to make a credit card payment at the exit.  For monthly contract parkers, they simply approach the exit and the LPR software will recognize their plate in our system and open the exit gate.

Using an automated paystation provides an alternate option to paying at the exit.  Using our innovate touchscreen software, parkers can make a payment using a credit or debit card, paypal account or Apple Pay account at any of our paystations located at the facility.  After the payment has been processed, a parker will approach the exit and our LPR software will recognize their license plate as paid and the gate will open automatically.

Through our online solutions, parkers can pay for their parking anytime, anywhere using the same 7-10 digit phone they used upon entry.

Our touchscreen interface allows parkers to enter the facility using a 7-10 digit phone number; this will become their parking ticket, thus replacing the paper ticket.  For Contract Monthly parkers, their license plate is registered in the system, their plate is scanned using LPR technology and validated by opening the gate within seconds of entering the facility.

Flow Thru Technologies has revolutionized the parking industry by creating the most advanced Ticketless Revenue Control System. By eliminating the paper ticket, monthly access card and all moving parts in PARC equipment, FLOW has dramatically transformed the way we manage parking today.

FLOW Thru Technologies is the first of its kind and unique to anything the Industry has to offer. This first class parking system embraces the new era of technology that our parking customers are facing every day. Call us today to maximize your revenue potential and effectively manage your parking assets.

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