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​​Commend’s IoIP and VoIP

Commend offers a variety of intercom options with the ability to play entrance messages, vend the gates remotely, and forward intercom calls.  This full duplex for natural, hands –free communication with high volume includes modules for implementation of special SIP stations with up to three call buttons.  Other features include memory for pre-recorded audio, control of the 2 relays and complies with SIP standard for easy integration in SIP capable PBXes.


Umojo's Voice-Over Internet Protol (VoIP-Link) chip

Attached to an intercom interface, the Umojo full-duplex speaker phone board is PoE and includes 4 Megabytes of flash, 16 Megabytes of SDRAM, and a 4 Ohm speaker driver.

Key Features: Capable of playing a message when a vehicle enters the lane, can vend the gate remotely, and has a variety of call forwarding options available. This system can call landlines or cell phones over the Internet.